Lotus Cars announce all weather tyre option for 340R

Yokohama Advan Neova LTS

Yokohama and Lotus have jointly developed the Advan Neova LTS tyre to specifically suit the original Elise and give 340R owners an all weather tyre option for their car.

The all new asymmetric & unidirectional trend pattern not only looks fantastic but also enhances the ride quality and handling balance.

This unique tyre features an Aquacut Gullwing curved tread pattern with superior high speed water channeling power & compounding technology derived from years of experience on the circuit giving improved levels of balance between dry & wet conditions.

The construction features an Aramid & Steel belt package to reduce weight & improve traction & stability whilst retaining all the agility and nimbleness that the car is famous for.

Approved by & developed to Lotus Cars standards. 

Fitment will not effect your vehicle warranty. 

Sizes available :

Front axle       195/50/15

Rear axle        225/45/16

Applicable to all approved Lotus suspension & wheel size options featured in the Lotus accessory range.




Rumour has it that Lotus invited several manufacturers to submit samples for testing, whilst the front samples of the Yokohama tyres were considered to be perfect, the rears were not so well recieved . As a result of this Yokohama produced a revised custom patterned tread cut for the rear tyres. After extensive track testing, these were then given the seal of approval by the by the Lotus Test drivers.

The tyres are asymetrical  and must be fitted in the correct left/right front and left/right rear locations.

Prices are very reasonable at 105.35 each inc VAT for the rears and 75.00 each inc VAT for the fronts, a combined total of 425 all round including VAT, fitment and balancing.

The Advan Neova LTS tyres will only be available from Lotus dealers with first deliveries expected in May.











Editors Note :

Owners and potential owners of 340R's should be aware that the standard fitment Yokohama A038R LTS tyres offer astounding dry grip and fantastic handling, however these tyres are unsuitable for use in standing water and offer  reduced grip in wet conditions, and when adequate warming of tyres cannot be achieved.

The new release Advan Neova LTS tyres represent a desirable option for those using their cars for everyday use and in all weathers. Alternative use is as a wet weather track tyre.

For those who use their cars in dry summer weather only and on a dry track the A038R's will however remain the tyre of choice.




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