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How to contact the webmaster 

The mission of the web site is as follows :

  • To publicise the features and benefits of the cars.

  • To provide a forum for technical knowledge about the car

  • To provide hints and tips regarding usage of the cars

  • To allow 340R owners and enthusiasts to share their opinions


We are looking for people to contribute articles, pictures and links. Send them to

Your article need not be more than one page and could be with or without supporting pictures.

We are particularly keen to have articles from owners highlighting their experiences with the car and we would also like articles from non owners who have opinions (either positive or negative) about the car.


Written material can be sent to :

340R.NET, 1 Well Street, Heywood, Lancs OL10 1NT. England


Our policy is to publish the maximum possible information and, looking forward to the extension of broadband, we make no apology for our use of high resolution photographs and video.


Technical Help Desk 

To help fellow 340R owners with any problems which they may be having, or any information which  they  need, we now have a Technical Help Desk to give advice on any aspect of the Lotus 340R.

If you need any advice email us at : and we will respond with sound advice, based on the experiences of other 340R owners and our contacts within Lotus Cars.


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