Living with the 340R

Owners and enthusiasts articles on all things 340R 




Peter Crook's experiences of ordering and then waiting for delivery of his 340R.

Tie Fighter

Richard Morris examines the aesthetics and public reaction to his 340R.

The Day of The Power Test

Donald from Switzerland describes the power test carried out on his 340R.

The Magnificent Seven  Visit Brands Hatch Grand Prix

Review of 340R owners track day at Brands Hatch Grand Prix on 20 June 2001.

Travels in a 340R - Alice's Restaurant

Alvin Richards writes of his travels to Alice's restaurant - California in his 340R.

340R's go to Spa

Peter Crook writes about a track day at Spa in April 2002

Trailers - The ultimate 340R accessory ?

Some thoughts on the benefits of a trailer.


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